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Mike Del Tufo

Mike Del Tufo’s illustrious career in television began in 1994 when he moved to Los Angeles.  The circumstances surrounding the end of Mike’s career as a volunteer fireman and police officer remain unclear since his employment records have been expunged by the state of New Jersey.
Mike’s first two years in Los Angeles were a blur to him, as well as all those who worked with him.  He was allegedly a cast driver for various movies, and he claims to have driven multiple A-list movie stars who now coincidently have restraining orders against him.   Per Mike, his IMDB page is wildly inaccurate, which means it’s probably accurate.  In 1996, Mike began his award-winning audio broadcasting career with FOX Sports and has won six Sports Emmy Awards (although he only owns four trophies – don’t ask him what happened to the other two because it’s a sore subject).
Del Tufo is a life long New York Yankees fan and a fair weather Notre Dame fan.

Famous Quote: “I can’t have EVERYTHING ready!”
Common Quote: “You know, I once worked with (fill in the blank).”
More Common Quote: “My bad.”

Twitter: @MichaelDelTufo