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2018 NFL Power Rankings — Week 4

LOS ANGELES —  If last week is any indication we are in for an absolutely insane, unpredictable NFL season. The Bills were 17.5-point underdogs and won outright! New England got stomped on Sunday Night Football and Baker Mayfield introduced himself to America in a huge way as the Browns got only their second win in three years. Lots of shakeup in this week’s rankings so let’s get it!

1.) Los Angeles Rams (3-0; 1) → Jared Goff has this offense operating at Greatest Show on Turf levels but injuries to Aqib Talib and Marcus Peters is worth keeping an eye on.

2.) Kansas City Chiefs (3-0; 3) →  Patrick Mahomes is out of his mind. It’s official. More TD passes in first three games of the season than anyone in history.

3.) Philadelphia Eagles (2-1; 10) → Carson Wentz is back and not soon enough. The defending champs just look different with him out there (in a good way).

4.) Miami Dolphins (3-0; 14) → The last time the ‘Fins were 3-0 and finished the season with a winning record? 2002. That’s a long time ago.

5.) Jacksonville Jaguars (2-1; 2) → Six points at home against the Titans, huh? Maybe we can cool it on the Super Bowl predictions.

6.) Carolina Panthers (2-1; 16) → Nope, Christian McCaffrey can’t run the ball. He’s only a pass-catcher. Uh huh. Cool cool cool.

7.) Tampa Bay Buccaneers (2-1; 4) →  We have our first hiccup in the Fitzmagic Era, despite throwing for 400+ yards for the third straight game, and now the question looms about Jameis Winston.

8.) New Orleans Saints (2-1; 17) → Drew Brees is amazing, that’s really all you can say, but you can’t tell me his tying TD run wasn’t partially caused from fear by the Falcons defenders going after him.

9.) Washington Redskins (2-1; 18) → I know it was against one-legged Aaron Rodgers, but big-time win this week for Alex Smith & Co.

10.) Cincinnati Bengals (2-1; 7) → AJ Green going down killed their vertical threat but definitely expected a better showing against a Panthers team with lots of question marks.

11.) Green Bay Packers (1-1-1; 5) → Aaron Rodgers is doing long-term damage by playing on what clearly looks like an injured left knee.

12.) Minnesota Vikings (1-1-1; 6) → There’s no question this team looked past the hapless Bills to the huge Thursday night match up with the Rams. Big mistake.

13.) Denver Broncos (2-1; 8) →  Expected more this week from this team especially with a monster matchup against Kansas City looming in Week 4.

14.) Pittsburgh Steelers (1-1-1; 22) → How badly do you wish there was an in-season Hard Knocks about this team?

15.) New England Patriots (1-2; 9) → It’s becoming more and more apparent that September football is really just the preseason for the good teams, at least that’s what I’m telling myself.

16.) Atlanta Falcons (1-2; 11) → Matt Ryan joins Eli Manning as the only QBs to throw for 350 yards, 5 TDs and zero INTs and lose the game. They both lost to Drew Brees.

17.) Los Angeles Chargers (1-2; 15) → I want to see Philip Rivers in a Super Bowl just so he can throw 3 picks but somehow only be down 8 with 4 minutes left and the ball.

18.) Baltimore Ravens (2-1; 20) → Still have no idea who this team is but they can’t play every game at home so get ready for 8-8, Ravens fans.

19.) Chicago Bears (2-1; 13) → That would’ve been a bad, bad loss to a pretty inept Arizona team.]

20.) Cleveland Browns (1-1-1; 23) → The Browns winning back on Thursday is probably the 5th crazy thing that happened this week.

21.) Indianapolis Colts (1-2; 12) → Tough loss but encouraging considering where this team was a year ago.

22.) Detroit Lions (1-2; 28) → Kerryon Johnson topped 100 yards, which is a big deal for a Lions running back. That defense sure confused Tom Brady.

23.) Tennessee Titans (2-1; 25) → Mike Vrabel has as many wins as Bill Belichick, Bill O’Brien and Matt Patricia combined. That’s a fact.

24.) Seattle Seahawks (1-2; 26) → Seahawks finally got off the schnide but it was against one of the league’s bottom teams so who knows what it means.

25.) Buffalo Bills (1-2; 31) → Holy f–king s–t what happened in this game?!

26.) New York Jets (1-2; 21) → OK, so maybe we can halt production on the Sam Darnold bronze bust.

27.) Dallas Cowboys (1-2; 24) → Just call Dez Bryant already, Jerry. What are you waiting for?! (Bet Cowboy fans wish they drafted Calvin Ridley right about now?)

28.) New York Giants (1-2; 30) → Eli Manning proved he’s not dead yet and Saquon/Odell are starting to find their grooves.

29.) San Francisco 49ers (1-2; 19) → Poor Jimmy GQ. Really, this stinks.

30.) Oakland Raiders (0-3; 27) →  Winless heading back to the Black Hole and Baker Mayfield coming to town. OH BOY!

31.) Houston Texans (0-3; 29) → Deshaun Watson had a monster day but it was mostly garbage stats. And JJ Watt remembered who he is with 3 sacks.

32.) Arizona Cardinals (0-3; 32) → Glad it’s Josh Rosen Time but talk about setting the kid up to fail by putting him out there with 2 minutes to go and trailing. Yeesh.