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Shaq Says He’ll Wear a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader Outfit If Cowboys Don’t Make Playoffs – 11/5/15


Shaq: My Cowboys aren't doing too well.
Rich: No one is running away with this division right now.
Shaq: Alright, I guarantee that they win one of the next two without Tony and I guarantee that we will make the playoffs.
Rich: Okay, I will write that down right now.
Shaq: If we don't make the playoffs I'll come with a Dallas Cowgirl suit on to your show with some pom-poms for 10 seconds.
Rich: Oh my gosh. You're actually going to follow through on that bet?
Shaq: Of course, I will come; I will walk out for ten seconds and everybody take pictures and make fun and then I'm going to leave. Ten seconds that's all you get. Not eleven seconds. Not twelve. You get ten seconds. I'm going to put on the skirt, the pom-poms, and a brown pony-tail wig.
Rich: Again, so that's if the Dallas Cowboys don't make the playoffs at all this season. Okay.
Shaq: So what are you going to do if they make the playoffs?
Rich: Oh my gosh.
Shaq: Yeah.
Rich: I'll do it with you, Shaq, how about that?
Shaq: Deal. Me and you.
Chris Brockman: This is amazing.
Rich: I don't think America really wants to see that but that's okay.
Shaq: I don't know about you but I think they'll like my big butt. (sings) We like big butts and I cannot deny
RIch: (laugh)