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Ted Mulkerin


Executive Producer Ted Mulkerin is a Peabody Award-winning writer who previously worked on the Late Late Show.

Originally from Boston, Ted was once knocked cold by a foul ball at Fenway Park. He still has that ball, but no memory of catching it with his face.

Ted is overly proud of his standing desk.

He refuses to recognize anything except candlepin bowling as “bowling.”

Ted has been the right caller & won the tickets.

Ted’s greatest fear is that “Future Men” will never understand the fossils of Truck-A-Saurus.

Ted believes that Pete Carroll got the matchup he wanted, yet not the matchup he needed.

He is the Commissioner of the El Segundo Turkey Bowling Squadron.

As Executive Producer, Ted’s duties include long range show-planning, daily assignment of spirit-animals and drafting legal documents holding the cafeteria harmless for pizza damage.

Twitter: @TedMulkerin