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NFL Power Rankings — Week 2


LOS ANGELES — We’re back, people! What a wild Week 1 in the NFL. Some was what we expected and some wasn’t but there was lots of action, lots of scoring and lots of rain. And we even got a tie! Let’s get to this week’s power rankings:

1.) Los Angeles Rams (1-0) → All the offseason hype was met with a dominating performance in the Black Hole.

2.) Minnesota Vikings (1-0) → The best defense in the NFL made the newly minted Golden Boy Garoppolo look pedestrian.

3.) Philadelphia Eagles (1-0) → Lucky to come away with a win, the Eagles can’t survive Carson Wentz being out much longer.

4.) New England Patriots (1-0) → Tom Brady got off to a slow start before throwing 3 TDs but the defense looked better than it has in years.

5.) Kansas City Chiefs (1-0) → Maybe Andy Reid wasn’t so crazy after all for trading up for Patrick Mahomes. Wow, is this team going to be exciting this season.

6.) Green Bay Packers (1-0) → I’m not loving this Packers team in the long term but damn if that wasn’t fun to watch Sunday night.

7.) Cincinnati Bengals (1-0) → I said this team can win the AFC North and after one week they’re making me look pretty smart.

8.) New York Jets (1-0) → It’s one game but damn, Sam Darnold is going to make the Browns and Giants passing on him look really stupid.

9.) Jacksonville Jaguars (1-0) → It wasn’t pretty and Leonard Fournette’s hamstring is a little too iffy for my liking but anytime you can get a road win to start the season, you’ll take it.

10.) Tampa Bay Buccaneers (1-0) → OH OH OH FITZMAGC, YOU KNOOOOOOOOOOOOOW!!!!

11.) Denver Broncos (1-0) → How does this team always take a bunch of no-name running backs and make them superstars?

12.) Washington Redskins (1-0) → A big week 1 surprise, Alex Smith looked like he was worth every penny of his $111M contract.

13.) Baltimore Ravens (1-0) → Not sure if this blowout win said more about the Ravens or the Bills.

14.) Carolina Panthers (1-0) → As always, Cam Newton looked better in the postgame press conference than on the field.

15.) Los Angeles Chargers (0-1) → This went kinda how we all thought, right? Mostly visiting fans. Philip Rivers slinging it around the yard from behind in a weird loss.

16.) New Orleans Saints (0-1)→ Scoring 40 points was almost expected but losing at home to the Bucs definitely was not.

17.) Miami Dolphins (1-0) → Kenny Stills looked like a top notch receiver and Frank Gore still has plenty of gas in his tank.

18.) Atlanta Falcons (0-1)→ Matt Ryan looked injured and Steve Sarkisian looked like the same coach who led a sputtered offense a year ago.

19.) Pittsburgh Steelers (0-0-1) → James Conner looked great and that’s about it. Could be a long season for Mike Tomlin and Co.

20.) Chicago Bears (0-1) → The good news is Khalil Mack was worth all they gave up and Mitch Trubisky looked legit. The bad news he lights looked a little too bright for Matt Nagy.

21.) Cleveland Browns (0-0-1) → Of course the Browns tied. Because they wouldn’t they?

22.) Houston Texans (0-1) → Deshaun Watson looked rusty and confused far too often on Sunday.

23.) Indianapolis Colts (0-1) → Andrew Luck had the 6th most passing yards this week and that is a good sign for this season.

24.) Seattle Seahawks (0-1) → More competitive than I anticipated, Russell Wilson can’t do it by himself and I fear he’s going to try no matter what.

25.) San Francisco 49ers (0-1)→ OK, so maybe it was a little premature to fit Jimmy G for his Hall of Fame jacket.

26.) New York Giants (0-1)→ Saquon Barkley had his Week 1 highlite and Odell caught 11 passes on Jalen Ramsey but only scoring 15 points is a problem.

27.) Oakland Raiders (0-1)→ It could be a long penultimate season in Oakland for “new” head coach Jon Gruden.

28.) Tennessee Titans (0-1) → When your three best offensive players get knocked out of the game, you’re not going to win many games.

29.) Detroit Lions (0-1) → In his last two games – MNF and Super Bowl 52 – Matt Patricia’s defense has given up 75 points and 932 yards of offense.

30.) Dallas Cowboys (0-1)→ This team is in real trouble. How do they score any points? Dak now has less than 200 yards of 7-of-his-last-9 games.

31.) Arizona Cardinals (0-1) → It needs to be Josh Rosen time in the desert.

32.) Buffalo Bills (0-1) → This team is already on the clock for the #1 pick next April.