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Brockman’s Power Rankings — Week 5

LOS ANGELES — We’re starting to see exactly who’s good in the NFL this season and who should be thinking about next year. Can’t believe it’s Week 6 already but that’s happens. The season just rolls on like Andy Reid through the buffet line. Man, imagine if the Chiefs go undefeated? Eagles fans will be PISSED. Let’s start up that train, why don’t we? CHIEFS GOING 16-0! OK, enough crazy talk, on to the rankings.

32.) New York Giants (0-5; 30) → The Giants haven’t won a game since that boat picture was taken and now Odell is out for a while with a broken leg. Oh-and-16 is in range.

31.) Cleveland Browns (record: 0-5; last week: 32) → Hey, the good news it that Myles Garrett appears to be really, really, really good at football.

30.) San Francisco 49ers (0-5); 31) → I just feel bad for the 49ers at this point. Carlos Hyde, you alive, bro?

29.) Chicago Bears (1-4; 28) → Mitch Trubisky wasn’t good but he wasn’t bad. There’s definitely light at the end of Bears QB tunnel.

28.) Los Angeles Chargers (1-4; 27) → They did it! They won! And now I will call them by their proper name.

27.) Arizona Cardinals (2-3; 23) → This team is in shambles. No other way to put it.

26.) Indianapolis Colts (2-3; 29) → Props to me for picking up Adam Vinatieri in fantasy 30 minutes before kickoff.

25.) Miami Dolphins (2-2; 26) → Hey, look, this Cutler thing isn’t going like maybe we all had hoped but he did look pretty good on that game-winning drive. Oh, and maybe don’t hire coaches who film themselves doing blow. Just maybe.

24.) Oakland Raiders (2-3; 19) → That’s now three straight losses for Oakland who looks the exact opposite of a title contending team.

23.) Tennessee Titans (2-3; 15) → It’s amazing how different this team looks without Marcus Mariota. If only there was a QB available with a very similar skill set. Hmm…

22.) Cincinnati Bengals (2-3; 25) → The Bengals are starting to find their sea legs with a tough home win in the rain. Maybe it was all the OC’s fault.

21.) New Orleans Saints (2-2; 20) → BYE.

20.) Baltimore Ravens (3-2; 23) → I know the Raiders were banged up but this was a solid road win for the Ravens. They need it, badly.

19.) New York Jets (3-2; 21) → The Jets have one three in a row. No, I’m not kidding.

18.) Tampa Bay Buccaneers (2-2; 17) → Maybe it’s just me but Jameis Winston doesn’t look as if he’s improved at all now in Year 3.

17.) Dallas Cowboys (2-3; 12) → Two straight home losses is bad but giving up 70 points in those games is real cause for concern.

16.) Houston Texans (2-3; 13) → For everything I’ve said about JJ Watt it’s just a bummer he’s out for the season.

15.) Pittsburgh Steelers (3-2; 7) → Five interceptions for Ben and then his postgame comments about maybe he’s “lost it” is pretty amazing. Guessing he “finds it” in next few weeks.

14.) Minnesota Vikings (3-2; 18) → First Sam Bradford, then Dalvin Cook, now Bradford again and maybe Stefon Diggs. This team can compete but not without their studs.

13.) Washington Redskins (2-2; 11) → BYE

12.) Jacksonville Jaguars (3-2; 17) → Does this win say more about the Jaguars or the Steelers? Gonna say 35/65 but dang, that was some impressive defense against Big Ben & Co.

11.) Buffalo Bills (3-2; 10) → I’m beginning to not have an opinion on this team but they’re definitely better than we all thought.

10.) Los Angeles Rams (3-2; 3) → Jared Goff isn’t quite ready for prime time just yet but he did put that ball right on Cooper Kupp’s hands in closing seconds.

9.) Detroit Lions (3-2; 5) → Didn’t expect an egg to be laid at home in a huge game like that but hey, it’s a long season.

8.) Seattle Seahawks (3-2; 16) → It wasn’t pretty but that was a gutty win over LA and one that will probably help decide who wins this division.

7.) New England Patriots (3-2; 9) → I secretly think Nate Solder and Marcus Cannon are pissed a Tom Brady, that’s the only reason I can see for them sucking so bad.  

6.) Atlanta Falcons (3-1; 4) → BYE

5.) Denver Broncos (3-1; 2) → BYE

4.) Philadelphia Eagles (4-1; 8) → Who do you think the Browns regret passing on more: Carson Wentz or Deshaun Watson?

3.) Carolina Panthers (4-1; 14) → Weird week for Cam Newton but boy did he respond in a monster way and establish Panthers as class of NFC.

2.) Green Bay Packers (4-1; 6) →  We’re running out of adjectives to describe Aaron Rodgers’ weekly heroics.

1.) Kansas City Chiefs (5-0; 1) → It’s going to be real rough when Kansas City wins the AFC and  I can’t make Andy Reid jokes anymore. Seriously, what am I going to do?